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hey i'm sarah you can call me whatever. i'm currently into homestuck, hetalia, dramatical murder, karneval, dangan ronpa, dude that's my ghost, attack on titan, free! and supernatural. if there's anything you need tagged just let me know uvu

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Princess of the Noah’s Ark circus, Doll!

I have a lot of feels and i don’t know what to do with them.

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remember that other ling/greedling pic i drew two years ago??? well, DON’T, this one is better 

new print for tekkoshocon next week, if i can get it printed in time!!!! HELL YEAH HELL YEAH HELL YEAH HELL YEAH 

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a lot of my favs r green….

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oh I have a thing tomorrow? guess I’ll go to bed at 2 AM instead of 3 AM

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Finally i have an excuse to draw otps in winter time outfits 

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having a bad day, so i drew the bae as a stylish punk rock demon 


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Guess which gay baby trash watched “This Boy Caught A Merman

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WELCOME TO GAY SCIENCE HELL!!! im too unimaginative to be allowed draw night vale fanart tbh :-/

was bored on the plane so i caught back up

cecil really cant catch a break rip me

[open in new tab pls]

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I love Clear so much

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When a friend makes a new OC it’s like. Omg you’ve made the most adorable creature??? Tell me everything about them. Can I ship them with this other OC? Can I ship them with MY OC? I think i accidentally wrote a fanfic??? Someone said they were boring????? Who is taLKING SHIT ABOUT MY BEAUTIFUL GODCHILD

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  • me about girls: wow!! wow
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remember when

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dont hit on your boyfriends brother

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//shamelessly copies vuri’s idea

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  • when i'm attracted to a guy character: you stupid nerd i love u i wanna kiss
  • when i'm attracted to a girl character: oh my god you beautiful queen you are untouchable pls step on me
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